6 Incredible Landscapes in Tenerife

Hey, Des! How are you doing? I feel like escaping to places that offer me peace and quiet and above all, that are unique and conspicuous… Doesn’t that sound cool? In order to find such places, you first have to let yourself be disturbed, because some of them are quite hidden and want to be found first. To make this easier, I have put together a route with 6 Incredible Landscapes in Tenerife. You can tell me afterwards what you think about it. But I promise you in advance: you will be amazed!

1.) El Rayo (Buenavista del Norte)

Incredible landscapes in Tenerife. 6 surprises
El Rayo (Buenavista del Norte)

The first natural phenomenon on this route of the incredible landscapes in Tenerife is in Isla Baja, in the municipality of Buenavista del Norte. It is a huge crater that suddenly catches your eye during a walk along the coast. Because of its large dimensions, my first thought was that a meteorite had hit it… it is difficult to find another explanation for it. In fact, the best known theory is a lightning strike (and what a lightning!), which not only created this formation, but also gave it its name. Almost two with one flap.

Among the strange details is the fact that a small stone bridge completes the formation and thus there is an inner connection to the sea (by the way, this is a nice place for swimming if the tides allow it). You can find out more about this in my post about the Natural pools in Tenerife

And the formation is easy to find: go to the lighthouse of Buenavista and then to the right, towards Los Silos; after a few minutes’ walk this impressive place appears right in front of you.

2.) The Stone Rose (La Orotava)

Incredible landscapes in Tenerife. 6 surprises
The Stone Rose (La Orotava)

We remain in the north of the island and discover another of the incredible landscapes in Tenerife. Perhaps it is even the most romantic volcanic formation on the island. Exactly, I refer to a huge stone in the shape of a rose in La Orotava. Really, when you see it in front of you, the resemblance will take your breath away. A visit is worthwhile (and if we are already there, then we enjoy it even more with our better half).

The stone is at km 22.5 of the TF-21 that leads to Mt. Teide. Accordingly a plan for a complete excursion day results here fast. There is a lookout point called “Piedra de la Rosa” (Stone Rose) from where you have a wonderful view and where you can park comfortably. The rose is on the left side of the road (if you go towards the national park). And don’t wait until February 14th.

3.) Cantera de Jardina (La Laguna)

Incredible landscapes in Tenerife. 6 surprises
Cantera de Jardina (La Laguna)

The next target just seemed… incredible! Before I try to describe it, just let the picture work on you. This small, blue-black something in the photo is me, 1.90 m tall, compared to this gigantic quarry.

Among the incredible landscapes of Tenerife I make an exception at this point by introducing one that was created by humans. But this is exactly what makes this place so overwhelming.

I also love it, when discoveries happen by chance. As on this occasion during a hike, that actually had a completely different objective. I drove to the community of La Laguna, more precisely to the area of Jardina. There you just follow the town center until you see a sign with the inscription “Valle Tahodio”. You can go down by foot or by car. But be warned that this is something we like to call a goat path – the path is very uneven.

After a few minutes – especially if you are driving – you will see this quarry on your left. It’s quite simple to find!

4.) The Arch of Tajao (Arico)

Incredible landscapes in Tenerife. 6 surprises
The Arch of Tajao (Arico)

What do you say, shall we take a look around southern Tenerife? In this selection all parts of the island are considered. And Tajao is a perfect place for a break, both scenically and gastronomically. Although I don’t really want my stomach to distract me from the view. Because my gaze discovers here a wonderful arc that is a whim of nature.

The arch of Tajao, also known as Bijagua, is another outstanding example of the incredible landscapes of Tenerife. Right next to it, there is an informative board describing its origin and characteristics; it explains, among other things, that the inhabitants of the region call this kind of structures “Jurados” (holes). Surely you can’t wait to see this place live. Well, the arrival is quick.

As soon as you drive along the southern motorway towards Tajao, you will see a sign with the words “La Jaca” and “La Listada”. This is the path that first takes a bend to the left and then one to the right. After less than 100 m you will reach a traffic light with two signs to reduce speed. A small hiking trail starts right there, which leads to the arch and divides at various points. In the surrounding area you will also find niches, where you can park your car.

5.) The Moon Landscape (Granadilla de Abona)

Incredible landscapes in Tenerife. 6 surprises
The Moon Landscape (Vilaflor)

I often wonder if I’ll ever visit the moon. But at least I am lucky to have been in this amazing moon landscape – in another world! In contrast to the other incredible landscapes in Tenerife, a hike is necessary to see it. To do this, we take a circular route that starts in the centre of Vilaflor and ends in the Corona Forestal Nature Reserve. The route is almost 13 km long and takes between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the individual rhythm.

To help you find your way around, the trail is the PR. TF-72, so you’ll find plenty of signs and directions. There we meet the old royal road of Chasna with beautiful panoramas and a stone to mark the arrival at the viewpoint Mirador de los Escurriales. From here you can enjoy the fantastic moon formations. Here we are in the municipality of Granadilla de Abona (from where you can also travel to this mini moon). For me this is one of the places not to be missed on Tenerife. But I would like to stress one thing again, as already stated at the beginning: a relatively long way awaits you.

It is necessary to be in good physical condition and to carry suitable clothes and shoes as well as a supply of water and food. If that is given, you will enjoy this trip!

6.) El Tancón (Santiago del Teide)

Incredible landscapes in Tenerife. 6 surprises
El Tancón (Santiago del Teide)

You don’t have to be a music fan to enjoy an organ. Let’s leave the wordplay aside, there are several organs to admire in different places on the island (that’s how these polygonal boulders are called). Out of this selection I chose Puerto Santiago, on the coast of Santiago del Teide, to which one of these incomparable points called El Tancón belongs.

Let’s take the Hotel Barceló Puerto Santiago as a reference; well, in front of it, there is a walk and with ease you will discover a playground. Once you are there, look at the sea and you will discover, that you can descend over the rocks to El Tancón (if you proceed with sufficient caution, it is safe). Your eyes will have difficulty processing all these geometric formations that rise directly from the turquoise water. Why do you think this is one of Tenerife’s incredible landscapes? And if you descend a little deeper, you will reach the cave of El Tancón.

A bathing paradise. But only to be enjoyed with great caution! Here the sea can be very treacherous (don’t trust it). I also tell you more about this place in my report about Natural pools in Tenerife.

I hope you’ll enjoy this tour along the incredible landscapes in Tenerife as much as I did. So many more experiences await us in the future, so see you soon, Des!

*Translation: Denise Wildenhayn

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