8 Natural Swimming Pools in Tenerife that you will never forget

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Hello, Des! It’s hot outside, very hot. It’s normal to feel the desire for a nice bath, to sunbathe and to cool down with a cold drink. But I don’t like to see the same places again and again or to drown in the crowds. Is it the same for you? Then I’ll tell you more about the 8 Natural Swimming Pools in Tenerife, which are real treasures and which you can enjoy without worrying about someone stepping on your towel.

1) El Porís (Arico)

Piscinas naturales de Tenerife. 8 que no vas a olvidar.
El Porís (Arico)

This is one of the most peaceful natural swimming pools in Tenerife that I know. This is because it is so strategically located on the coast of the municipality of Arico, that it is practically hidden. If you don’t have specific clues about the location, it won’t usually cross your path. It is therefore a good choice in order to enjoy the water and the solitude right by the sea (I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than two people there at the same time).

As soon as you take the turnoff from the southern motorway to reach El Porís, cross the bridge over this road and go straight ahead. This road ends at a strange white wall of a no less peculiar house (designed by an internationally known architect); then turn left and continue for about 300 metres. Park there and on your right you will see a small passage between two buildings, go a few steps further and you will find the natural pool surrounded by rocks.

If you are lucky and the weather is clear that day, you will have a unique view of the island of Gran Canaria.

2) La Listada (Arico)

Piscinas naturales de Tenerife. 8 que no vas a olvidar.
La Listada (Arico)

We don’t leave the municipality of Arico, because another detour from the aforementioned southern motorway will take you to Abades (the birthplace of international footballer Pedro Rodríguez, formerly Barcelona and now Chelsea). We go there and very soon see another junction on the right towards La Jaca and La Listada. Continue along the path, on which you can’t get lost and once you’ve reached the two towns, you’ll see that the natural swimming pool is right in between.

This is another place to relax in an environment that used to be the mouth of a canyon. Remember also that you can enjoy a natural pool of Tenerife nearby. The Charco de la Virgen is a small round pool in the middle of a rock that reminds one of a whirlpool.

3) Punta Prieta (Güímar)

Piscinas naturales de Tenerife. 8 que no vas a olvidar.
Piscina de Punta Prieta (Güímar)
This natural swimming pool is a splendid example of this variety, which is mostly used by locals and has so far been spared by the tourist streams. It is located in the municipality of Güímar.
After you have crossed the tunnel of the southern motorway in this direction, you will see a sign with the inscription Punta Prieta. Drive into this small village and stop at the first junction in the centre. There you will see a small religious representation under which a paved pedestrian path leads to the natural swimming pool (this is not signposted, though there is a sign “Reserved for rescue vehicles”). I visited the pool once at dawn and was all alone there. That was a real gift! But sometimes, you must know, is empty of water.
You can experience special moments at any time. If you continue along the coast of Güímar, you will come across another natural swimming pool in La Caleta, very similar to this one.

4) Puerto Santiago (Santiago del Teide)

Piscinas naturales de Tenerife. 8 que no vas a olvidar.
Puerto Santiago (Santiago del Teide)

Another very attractive natural swimming option in the south of Tenerife is the natural swimming pool in the municipality of Santiago del Teide, located at the Urbanización Isla Cangrejo. This means that it is very close to the spectacular cliff of Los Gigantes, which multiplies its charm. However, you should have in mind that if there are strong waves, you should rather postpone bathing in the pool (I have been lucky with my visits so far).

Now I’ll tell you how I found it: I walked from the entrance of Los Gigantes towards the hotel Barceló Puerto Santiago, and a few bends before I reached the building, I say a pedestrian path on the right side. From there, one gets to a view point from which one can already see this natural pool of Tenerife. Only a few minutes walk later you can fully enjoy your stay there.Ah, before I forget: in front of the mentioned hotel there is an incredible natural pool named Tancón. But there you have to be extremely careful, because bathing can be very dangerous depending on the tide.

5) El Caletón (Garachico)

Piscinas naturales de Tenerife. 8 que no vas a olvidar.
El Caletón (Garachico)

It is a wonderful plan to combine the trip to Santiago del Teide on the Masca road with a trip to Garachico. The Masca massif seems to come from another world and is one of the most beautiful places you can enjoy in Tenerife. And what can one say about such a beautiful city as Garachico, whose old harbour was buried by a volcanic eruption?

A natural phenomenon that has already given us the opportunity to swim between the remains of the cooled lava foothills on the northern side of the island. Either directly in the sea or in small natural pools.

The tour I am talking about here is perhaps the most famous of the natural swimming pools in Tenerife. Therefore, it does not lose its charm, especially as there are many restaurants for food and other needs in the immediate vicinity. As already at the swimming pool of Puerto Santiago, the sea can also be very dangerous in this area. So please be careful when the weather is unsettled. On a nice day you can just let yourself drift here – you’ll love it. The natural swimming pool is very easy to find, it is located in the middle of the sea promenade. The entrance is next to the small castle.

6) Mesa del Mar (Tacoronte)

Piscinas naturales de Tenerife. 8 que no vas a olvidar.
Mesa del Mar (Tacoronte)

If we are heading back from Garachico towards Santa Cruz de Tenerife, I recommend a stop in Tacoronte. Here you have to leave the city centre in the direction of El Pris (which is also a good example of the natural swimming pools in Tenerife) and Mesa del Mar. I will introduce you to the latter, because you will surely like it because of the winding road down to the coast. From here you have a wonderful view, including the Teide.

At the end of the road there is an outdoor parking lot. Once arrived, you will easily find the swimming pool as it is directly opposite. It is therefore easy to reach and just as pleasant to stay there, as it offers plenty of space for swimming and sunbathing. And the sunsets are incredible in this area. You can enjoy them directly from the natural swimming pool or you can go through a pedestrian tunnel in Mesa del Mar to the promenade of the beach Playa de la Arena.

7) Jover (La Laguna)

Piscinas naturales de Tenerife. 8 que no vas a olvidar.
Jover (La Laguna)

Another of my favourites among the natural swimming pools in Tenerife is on the coast of the municipality of La Laguna. It has a coquettish location with improved access and a panoramic view over the adjacent mountains, Bajamar and Punta del Hidalgo. To get there, you have to go from La Laguna to Tejina and within this town turn right into the road that leads to the coast. You will now leave the city behind and descend between banana plantations until you reach a car park where you will find the natural swimming pool next door.

It reminds me in a way of the same atmosphere I told you about Punta Prieta, because it is more intimate and familiar.
Sometimes I came here during the week and felt like I was in heaven. As with all the other natural pools I show you, there are usually more people on weekends.

8) Punta de Hidalgo (La Laguna)

Piscinas naturales de Tenerife. 8 que no vas a olvidar.
Punta del Hidalgo (La Laguna)

If we continue our route through the same area, you can find alternatives for your next swim both in Bajamar (with one of the most famous natural swimming pools in Tenerife) and in Punta del Hidalgo, which we are choosing for this time. The arrival to the village is perfectly signposted, so it should be no problem for you to get there. Once you have arrived, enter the promenade, which offers numerous gastronomic options, all linked to the sea.

You will find the natural swimming pool directly from there. It is a refuge for the people who live in this area, for the tourists who spend their holidays here and for some visitors who are particularly close to nature (there are very attractive hiking trails that start from or lead to Punta de Hidalgo).
I love to treat myself after an extensive bath and enjoy fresh limpets with a cold beer and good company.
I hope you enjoyed my suggestions of eight of the most beautiful natural swimming pools in Tenerife. I also mentioned a few more in the comments under the article. Our luck is that there are so many of them on the island and most of them are beautiful. Let’s discuss our plans for further excursions soon. I wish you a great time!
*Translation: Denise Wildenhayn
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  1. lynne morgan febrero 3, 2024 a las 9:13 pm

    We couldnt swim in El Porís (Arico), it was foul water, not cleaned by the sea.
    Jova La Laguna, however, was the most beautiful experience of my life.

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